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Travel is who we are; it's our own personal story. It can be yours, too!


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Our Story

We are a real-life travel couple; we've been traveling together for over ten years!

And once Taylor became a flight attendant? The travel game was on!

Over ten cruises later (achieving Diamond status on Royal Caribbean, getting engaged on the gorgeous Symphony of the Seas) and after staying at and touring dozens of properties throughout the Caribbean (including Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic) we feel truly confident in our ability to help you experience the good life that travel brings.

The sun and shore are waiting for you, and we can't wait to help you arrange the meeting of a lifetime!

Meet The Grammers 

When I'm not flying around for work, Clint and I are usually flying around for play. But if my feet are on the ground, you can find me sleeping in late, drinking a cup (or three) of coffee ("go juice," as I like to call it) as I head to the gym, which is the only active thing I'll do all day. Unless you consider shopping "active." I have a strange affinity for all things classic and nostalgic...if it's retro, I probably like it. Kind of an "old soul," but not the boring kind. I love weird, funky things. Like wiener dogs. I'm obsessed! Also lifelong obsessing over: fireworks, mimosas, Kenny Chesney, new book smell, lazy summer days on the lake, and...Clint. ;)

I'm a man of few words, but if I say something, it's probably funny. I'm pretty witty. When I'm not working at the fire station (or even when I am), I'm planning our next vacation. Or fixing something. I can fix anything. It's kind of ridiculous how handy I am. If I'm not doing any of these things, I'm already on vacation, or I'm on my boat. If it's winter, I'm also probably on vacation. I hate the cold. I'll see you at the beach.

(written by Taylor, because getting Clint to write an "about me" would be like pulling teeth...)

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