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Dress Codes

We know what you're thinking..."the dress code is formal for this beach wedding? What will I wear?!"
It's okay...we're here to help! 
Read below for the deets and even some suggestions.
(from Taylor, not Clint. Obviously.) 


The Ceremony: Formal Dress


  a long evening dress, jumpsuit, or pant suit in an elegant fabric. Consider lighter options such as chiffon or silk. Neutral colors are encouraged.
Feel free to wear dressy sandals or flats, as the ceremony will take place on the beach. However, if you prefer heels, go for it! Just slip them off to walk to the ceremony site.
Remember, you don't have to spend a lot of money to achieve a fabulous formal look. I've purchased most of my formal gowns at Ross.
Express usually has beautiful pant suit options, as well!


a tuxedo or suit with a shirt, tie, and dress shoes. Neutral colors are encouraged.
That's about it...(why are men so much easier?!) 


Note: Average temperatures in Cabo during the month of January range from highs in the upper 70's to lows in the lower 60's, with a slight breeze. Just gorgeous! 

The Rehearsal Dinner:
Semi-formal dress


a dressy sundress, cocktail dress, jumpsuit, or a pantsuit.
Feel free to have fun with colors, prints, and accessories! 
Unlike the wedding ceremony, this entire event will be held on the beach, so please keep this in mind when selecting footwear. 


a dress shirt and pants with dressy sandals, boat shoes, or loafers. Coats/ties are optional, but feel free to wear that funky flamingo tie if you're feeling festive!

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